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Strike Performance School Workshops

Strike are excited to announce Strike Performance School Workshops are now available to book and touring schools nationalwide in the UK.

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Strike Performance School WorkshopsStrike Performance is not like any other martial arts. It combines martial arts, dance and gymnastics all choreographed to music to form a fun-based martial arts program that develops confidence and focus in a unique way. Liam and Danny are not only instructors but also role models for students. They believe that teaching life skills is just as important as martial arts.

The life skills they promote include, respect, perseverance, modesty, courtesy, self-control and discipline etc. They are also very anti-bullying and include this in their seminars.

When Strike visit schools they bring energy, enthusiasm and entertainment and create a buzz for the school with media attention. The program encourages children to stay fit and healthy, offering not only excitement within the school but a huge confidence boost for children they work with, each one leaving with a stronger “I CAN” attitude.

Strike will be happy to perform a routine before or after the workshops. There is also potential for students to perform with Strike in assembly or on organised school shows. Strike can work 1 class for 30 min right up to a series of classes or courses spread throughout the year.

Strike offer a unique selection of courses for the schools and sports centres around the country including:Strike Performance School Workshops

Full and half day workshops
PE lessons
After school clubs
Assembly Talks

Strike are also currently working with the NHS to get kids fitter and raise their aspirations.

Please Contact Strike for more information.